Good audio really does matter


Good picture + bad audio = bad video
Ask any cameraman what the most important part of a great production video is and they will tell you it’s the shot. This isn’t always the case. Audio is just as important, if not more important than the visuals.

You can get away with slight flaws in the pictures, such as focus, exposure or visual ‘noise’. Most people may not even notice those issues. Everyone notices even the slightest issue when it comes to audio.

Bad audio can make even the best video quality look bad.

Do try this at home
Here’s an interesting exercise to try. Mute the audio on your TV and see how much emotion is evoked by the picture on its own. Then close your eyes and just listen to the audio. Which version did you connect with more?

Don’t care about audio? It shows 
Audio not being given the due care it deserves is a huge issue when it comes to video production. Here are some signs of bad audio:

  • Audio levels are too low
  • There is a lot of audio ‘noise’
  • Audio levels are too high or ‘peaking’

Post-production can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear
Modern technology is fantastic and a lot of the flaws mentioned above can be corrected to an extent in post-production. This can be an expensive process, however, and is not always 100% successful.

Hit me with your best shot
Your best option will always be to capture the audio correctly at the source. Give your audio the time and energy it deserves and your video production will thank you for it.