Canterbury Business - The Lowdown: Sam Johnson



It wouldn’t be a disaster in Canterbury without the Student Volunteer Army. Executive Director and Founder Sam Johnson chats about how to help in a crisis and how to keep the helpers motivated. But he reminds us not to forget to look after yourself during this time, the volunteers need a break too! Created with the help of our partners The Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce and Christchurch NZ.

When asked how he's been dealing with the boredom of being at home, Sam (half-jokingly) responded “This has been the busiest month of my life”. Poor Sam, we hope he gets some time off soon!

The series represents people in Christchurch working in the business, hospitality and tourism sectors living through the nationwide lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hosted by Dave Dunlay, we're chatting to key figures in the Christchurch community to see how they're coping during isolation. 

Stay tuned for more guests coming next week, including Student Volunteer Army founder Sam Johnson.